Covid19 Updates

We will use this for any updates and changes due to the Covid 19 Virus.

Currently we are CLOSED, but are offering Baydog ONLINE. Please see your WODIFY account!

As you know, the world is being overwhelmed by the coronavirus, COVID-19.

While the crisis is certainly real, the severity of this outbreak cannot be ignored.

Our #1 priority is your health. It is the reason we opened our doors 7 years ago.

  • First, we hope each of you are mentally and physically well.

  • Second, we will do our best to continue to provide you with a spirit of COMMUNITY, a sense of CAMARADERIE, and a COMMITMENT to health and well-being.

  • We are creating AT-HOME workouts that will utilize minimal equipment and will be available in WODIFY with opportunities to join each other virtually in ZOOM. We will begin to build HEALTH COACHING supplemental information aimed at providing resources to support your dimensions of wellness, also in WODIFY.

  • We will provide weekly emails via our newsletter format that will keep you up-to-date on all things Baydog throughout this time.

Please join BAYDOG CENTRAL (which is our FACEBOOK group for MEMBERS ONLY!), if you haven’t already. Although not quite the same as being together in person, it can still provide us with a spirit of community. Our general FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM pages will provide support, resources, and information as well.

We are exploring options to reduce the cost of membership during this challenging time while also ensuring we remain fiscally responsible in order to reopen the doors when that time comes.

Check the CDC for the latest information.


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Please reach out with any questions, comments, concerns or ideas.